6ixtes Paris is a S.A.S created in 2011, which manufactures (draws, creates and markets) high-end electrical equipment (socket, switches, RJ45 socket, telephone, HDMI, USB ...) tailor-made.


It is located in Saint Germain de la Grange, in the department of Yvelines (78).


The company therefore defends a 100% French expertise in its collections and perpetuates the tradition of ancestral know-how, while promoting craftsmanship and excellence in the French. By diverting their use on unexpected products such as electrical appliances, 6ixtes intends to promote these noble crafts and preserve intact for future generations this priceless cultural heritage.


With him a simple switch becomes an art object.

Marc Gresset, the founder and president of 6ixtes Paris, has this desire to sublimate what he touches so that the anodyne becomes out of the ordinary.

Fascinated by the arts and lovers of noble materials, he has the artistic sensibility shared by inspired designers.


Driven by the desire "to make the simple extraordinary", he decided in March 2011, to offer the market of electrical equipment with design until now limited, a new way of approaching luxury by creating switches and electrical outlets with clean lines and neat by creating 6ixtes Paris.

The switches of the brand, small plates of raw metal at the beginning, are sublimated by the hands of Marc Gresset who makes jewels for exceptional interiors. "An art of the sublime" that he cultivates in his collections.


"To make the simple extraordinary, to turn a simple switch into an object of art ... That's what animates me. 6ixtes is born from this desire, to stage the beautiful where we do not expect it ... "Marc Gresset, president of 6ixtes Paris"

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